#NoMarketing Book

Build a micro-monopoly to land your first 1000 customers profitably.

NoMarketing Book
+ 100s of happy founders
100s of happy founders

How Does The Process of Building a Micro-Monopoly Work?

1. You start off with an idea; you don’t even really need a product. You will learn the process of “selling before you buy/build” to reduce your risk as an entrepreneur

2. You communicate your product hypothesis using our basic human desires with a specific variable technique. That means not the standard "sell values" advice

3. You work to discover your startup moat, which doesn’t rely on features & pricing. Strategies you will learn which focus on hidden secrets that are unique to you

4. Secrets like Knowledge Moats, Process Moats, Social Secrets, Anti-Movements, Killing X!. You will learn how to execute them using our step by step process

5. Our process needs to be validated by hitting above average profit margins with instant payback periods. Learn how to hit these milestones regularly

6. It’s based on being a contrarian, not joining the average, and how to find opposites & missing gaps that are all around you, leading your startup to profitability

“Monopoly is the condition of every successful business.”
Peter Thiel - Founders Fund

Our STudents Love us!

“It’s amazing how much time they spend with you to help your company grow, they really know what they’re doing! Highly recommend the program.”

Mykyta Samusiev - Co-Founder Sdushoy

"We were in a very competitive space, but once we applied the micro-monopoly concept, our company started growing exponentially."

Asher Elimelech - CEO of  Ivy

“You helped us package and sell the Nimbus Halo after we tried different ideas and spent thousands on ads that didn't generate any sales."

Lihang A - CEO of  Nimbus (Y-Combinator 2020)

"It’s like an all in one product / marketing course helping startup founders cycle through hypothesis that lead to profitable startups."

Iranthi Gomes - CEO of  ServiceForm